The Improv Life Challenge: Ten Days To Be a Better Human!

You know that improv classes make people better listeners and communicators.

You know that to be any good at improv, you have to stay in the moment.

For years we've been asked to create an off-stage program for people to practice these philosophies, so we're proud to present The Improv Life Challenge!

The Improv Life Challenge is an innovative and exciting way to incorporate this art form into your daily routine.

For ten days you'll receive a new email that will highlight a key improv philosophy while challenging you to incorporate it into your life.

We think the Improv Life Challenge will make you a better human.

Please note: The Improv Life Challenge is designed for people with at least a little bit of improv experience. If you found this page and you're starting from scratch, we recommend adding our video course "Improv for the non-performer" to your order below.

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This course is presented by Hell Yes Creative and hosted by Chris Trew. Since 2006 Chris has performed in over 60+ comedy, music, and film festivals. He's worked with companies like SXSW, Third Man Records, Social Media Day San Diego, and the Austin Film Festival on a variety of workshops, programs, and events.

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"Yes, And" - Improv for the non-performer

"Yes, And" - Improv for the non-performer

Learn why the "Yes, And" technique is so popular without ever getting on stage. Discover why so many companies hire improv comedy teachers for corporate team-building! This course is for people with no stage experience who want to learn all about "Yes, And!"
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Improv Conversations (Season One)

Improv Conversations (Season One)

A series of videos featuring improv comedians discussing the various reasons they explored learning the art form. From dating to empathy to public speaking to recovery, this is a great way to dive deeper into this powerful, life-changing art form!
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Sketch Comedy Writing Challenge

Sketch Comedy Writing Challenge

A 10-day sketch comedy writing course done entirely through email. No special software required, all experience levels welcome!
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