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Here's how the Sketch Comedy Writing Sprint works:

On Monday, January 25th we email the same one-word prompt to everyone. From that prompt, you'll write up to three scripts, each using one of these specific techniques: Literal, Figurative, and Fantastical.

For example, let's say the prompt is "puddle." From this you might write a sketch that...

- takes place in or near a puddle (literal)

- features a character that is a nuisance (figurative)

- has a puddle running for mayor (fantastical)

On Thursday January 28th at 8:00p CST we'll host a Zoom hangout for writers to discuss their progress, ask questions, and meet other people in the Sprint (optional).

On Sunday January 31st at 7:00p CST I'll host a "table reading" with actors performing one script from each writer.

NOTE: General feedback on your featured script is included in the cost of the Sprint but if you'd like highly detailed feedback on all three of your sketches, please add that to your order.

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Want detailed feedback on all three of your Sprint sketches? Add this to your order!
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